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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

~ Whimsical Wednesday ~ Monochrome Gnome ~

The  gnome "facts" below are pure fiction, and invented by me, for the purpose of amusement.  Feel free to use my contrived information, but please ask permission first.  Thank you! ~ Denise

Much speculation still exists about the origins of gnomes.   They are mostly known as diminutive (small) creatures with human characteristics, and possess magical powers when needed. Stories have been told about a benevolent existence, and sometimes stories indicate that they can be evil.  I like to think of them as a cross between a fairy and the Lord of the Rings Dwarf culture. 

Gnomes are earth-bound creatures that are notorious workers that you may find in a garden, a field, the woods or in a forest.   You may have stumbled over a gnome home while hiking the Long Trail... please tread carefully when you see a dug out tree, for the labor our little friends put into making their homes is extensive!

Gnomes also make their homes from mushrooms - so, again, please tread carefully when you come across a mushroom patch! Gnomes will normally not make themselves visible to mankind, so it is important to remember that our love of  nature is also home to not only gnomes, but many forest creatures and it is to be respected.  You may leave sugary treats for our little friends (no paper, foil or garbage, please!) near a mushroom patch or at the base of gnome trees, such as chocolate or taffy or peppermint sticks.  But, don't leave licorice of any kind!!! Gnomes are allergic to it!

Gnomes love to take rest, after a hard day of  harvesting....

....but they also enjoy gnome sports such as snail sledding or chipmunk teasing, bunny riding or swimming.

Female gnomes like to pick berries and tiny mushrooms.  They are constantly sweeping their dirt floors, for they are very clean.   Female gnomes are notorious for baking pies.   They bake acorn pies with finely ground magical roots, berry pies, mushroom pies with wild garlic and honey - bravely gathered by the male gnomes.  [Their love of pies - and more pies - may be the reason for their considerable bellies!]

Once a year, gnomes go deep into the forest to collect unicorn tears.  It is a very solemn event, for unicorns are solitary creatures and lament for all mankind, and what mankind has done to our world.  The tears are collected to brew a very special  gnome potion that cures them from poison ivy itch and spider bites.  It can also be made into tinctures that cure gnome colds and the gnome-forest flu.  Another concoction is sometimes made from unicorn tears [that involves other secret ingredients such as ground birch bark, pine pitch and oak leaves] to use as healing salves and ointments.

A typical Gnome Home you may find in a field.

Gnomes marry for life, and there is zero divorce rate, for that human nonsense do not exist in their world!

Gnomes love to play music, and make as much noise as they can.  This is especially true at the end of harvest time, when there is much to celebrate before the long winter sets in.

Long live the Gnome!