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Tuesday, October 1, 2013



Who were you, my friend?
A father, mother, sister, or brother, dear -
Did anyone drop a pensive tear?
Your name is unknown -
And all that is left is this cold stone.

Headstones are erected as a final symbol of respect, commemorating a person's life which is intended to memorialize that person.  I have seen empty or blank markers in many Vermont's cemeteries, as well as in New England. I can not help but wonder, who was that person?

The unknown grave is a poignant reminder that we can remember that person as good or bad, such as this epitaph reads:

"Here lies a miser who lived for himself,
who cared for nothing but gathering wealth.
Now where he is and how he fares;
nobody knows and nobody cares."

How sad it is to think that a relative or friend has been laid to rest; and in years to come, no one will know who they were or how long they lived! I give comfort knowing where my relatives and friends are buried, and that their final resting spot is cared for, and visited.

My brother, "Donnie" ~ Safe in the arms of God
"I love to linger near this spot, For 'tis my brother's grave"....
and here is my Papa