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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

When myspace was cool...

I was recently cleaning out my emails, when I discovered that I kept my old profile on myspace.  About a decade ago - it is hard to believe it has been that long! - When myspace was cool and one could create awesome profiles and be anyone you wanted to be.  At that time, I was "Lady Denyse".  My character was a ghost, who, in her past life was High Lady-In-Waiting to Queen Igraine, of Pendragon Castle, wife of Uther {father of King Arthur}, and I was secretly in love with Uther Pendragon - a love which could never be mine!  The best part of having a page on myspace was finding very dear friends all over the world, and with whom, I still keep in touch on Facebook and occasionally via email.  
Side note:  I had deleted my original profile, and tried later to re-create it, by not only did myspace change how someone's page could be displayed, but the magic of the former page had lost all of its glory.  This page still floats out there in the 'space' of the Internet, but I am not active on it.  [Also, I should add, someone from Germany stole my entire profile and recreated it for herself. I should have been flattered, but no, it really made me angry - how dare her steal my endeavor at trying to be unique!  She even stole some of the "about me" section and made it her own!!!  Tisk! Tisk!]

My original  'myspace' story follows, with pictures aplenty of my old avatar.  Hope you enjoy it!

I am Lady Denyse
Spirit of Pendragon's Castle;
Daughter of the Holy Isle of Avalon;
I am lost, roaming through thread-bare notions
that someday I will find my true love.
Haunting this dark and lonely castle.
Eternally concealed to mortal eyes...

I am [the spirit] Lady Denyse of Pendragon Castle. I was a daughter of the Great Holy Isle of Avalon, where I once mastered the Old Ways of Herbal Lore and Magic.  At Pendragon Castle, and as High Lady in Waiting for her Majesty, Igraine, I was responsible for the personal attendance to my Queen's daily dressing, the brushing of her hair and preparation of her herbal baths. No one could compare to her great beauty, with her long strawberry tendrils which held a natural curl; and, her pale but profound sky blue eyes. Her skin was radiant, especially when with-child.

I secretly and shamefully loved her second husband, King Uther. I was not a relative of Uther, but a confidant and beg you never to consider me in any way a concubine of his Majesty, for I never was. I never before held affection for any man with red-hair, as I secretly considered them all surreptitious like a fox and I did not trust them; that is, until I met Uther. His hair was a deep auburn and his eyes were shades of the sea - a glorious emerald. I fell in love with him the very moment that I set eyes upon him. Uther, nor Igraine, never knew my true feelings.

With aid from Merlin, a spell was cast to ensure their love. I was angry with Merlin for many years!

But alas! Uther and Igraine entrusted me entirely and I was a life-long faithful and loving servant to my beloved Queen and King, torn between service and a longing for a love for which I could never have.

I was present for the birth of Arthur. He was a serious young lad and took lessons from both the Druids and the Christian Priests. He reveled in mastering both sword and horse. He was a master student of the great wizard Merlin, and with his half-sister, Morgan le Fay, beloved daughter of Igraine and Lord Gorlois, he was educated in Isle of Avalon. 

King Arthur's Coronation was an elaborate event with brightly woven banners of red and golden dragons strung in the Great Hall. And finally, I was fortunate to have witnessed the sword Excalibur after it was extracted from the Stone of Caledfwlch. Seven moons after his Coronation, and after attending Arthur's great marriage to Guinnevere, I developed a cough and fever, from which I would never recover.

I am doomed forever to linger here in spirit haunting the empty corridors of this abandoned castle. And, alas! there are others with me, floating aimlessly in the cobwebbed veil of time...

"When love is not madness, it is not love" 
~ Pedro Calderon de la Barca

"O Death, rock me asleep, bring me to quiet rest, let pass my weary guiltless ghost out of my careful breast." 
 ~Anne Boleyn