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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Do You See What I See?

Is Someone Here?

This is an abandoned farm house that suffered a fire located at 3191 Route 14, in Brookfield, Vermont.  I took pictures through-out the house, and ended up with several weird images - but, one,  in particular - was unexplained, and quite interesting. 

It is untouched, digital picture which appears to be angelic-like cluster of light, looking down into the basement.  There is no electricity going into the house, so what you see, is not a light bulb. This house, which includes 12 - 15 "tillable" acres is currently for sale at $110,000.

Front porch
Door with abandoned debris
Burned and vandalized
Perhaps the old living room
Another living room view
Another life
Unsafe to enter
Looking into basement - Do you see what I see?  
Another view of burned living space