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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Spider Web Farm, Williamstown, Vermont

October is the time of year when people are looking for creepy, crawly explorations, and you might as well start at the Spider Web Farm, in Williamstown, Vermont.

All About Spider Web Farm, 
Williamstown, Vermont:

Will Knight, maker of collectibles and fine woodenware, noticed he had an abundance of spiders on his farm. Each spider wove it's own, individual web design.

Will began collecting these webs and making unique web items from them.  He also devised an ingenious method of encouraging the spiders to weave just for him. This is how he has become known affectionately as the Spiderwebman


Will Knight and his Spider Web Farm have been featured on the Today Show, You Asked For It, Real People, Chronicle and many other television presentations. Stories published in Yankee Magazine, the Boston Globe and several travel guides.  Spider Web Farm was recently added to the Atlas Obscura on line travel guide. 


...and collected by Will Knight. The colorless, fragile web of an orb-weaving spider called Araneidae is first brought to light by painting. It is then transferred by hand to a wooden plaque where it is protected with a fine furniture finish to assure a lifetime of enjoyment for all web lovers.  

You can buy preserved spider webs HERE

How to Find the Spider Web Farm:

Visit the home of "The Original Web Site", Knight's Spider Web Farm and Gift Shop in Williamstown, Vermont. 

Open 7 days a week June 15th through Oct. 15th. Then every weekend through Christmas, 9 AM to 6 PM.

Located Near: Ben &Jerry's, Rock of Ages, The Brookfield Floating Bridge, The Vermont State Capital, Morse's Sugar Shack, and Cold Hollow Cider Mill.
We're just 15 mi. South of Montpelier, and 7 mi. South of Barre.

Driving Instructions:

From I-89 -
Take Exit 5 towards Williamstown then take Route 14 South through the village.

From Barre - Take Route 14 South to Williamstown Village. We are at the south end of the village on: