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Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Art of The Séance

Enter Stranger... 
Leave a Friend 


"a meeting at which people attempt to make contact with the dead, especially through the agency of a medium."

I think it would be easy to say that for as long as we have had the ability to communicate with one another as humans, we have also sought communication with the dead - or someone who has passed into the "afterlife" or, with forces that are believed to be on a higher plane than the mortal being.  Consider the worship of Gods and Goddesses, the belief of angels, ancestor worship, visions by people believing they have seen an entity - whether it be good or evil.  The list is infinite - and in the simplest of terms, it is the belief in ghosts.

Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, a claimed ghost photograph by Captain Hubert C. Provand. First published in Country Life magazine, 1936
In it's most pure setting, the Séance is normally conducted wit a medium who leads communication with spirits, by going into a trance and having the ability to channel what they have heard.  During the height of the Spiritualism movement, many of these mediums were exposed as fraudulent, however, there are those who have recorded sessions which leaves us in wonder and in awe.  Do spirits really talk to us?  The jury is still out, and it is still in debate.

Seance with Eusapia Palladino at the home of Camille Flammarion, Rue Cassini. Full levitation of a table." 12 November 1898, Gelatin silver print.
"Spiritualism is a monotheistic belief system or religion, postulating a belief in God, but with a distinguishing feature of belief that spirits of the dead residing in the spirit world can be contacted by "mediums", who can then provide information about the afterlife."  - Carroll, Bret E. (1997). Spiritualism in Antebellum America. (Religion in North America.)

"Séances are frequently attended by people who wish to contact a loved one that has recently died. For many, their experiences at a Séance provide comforting knowledge that their loved ones have not ceased to exist, that there is an afterlife, and there is a possibility of being reunited with those who have been lost."  - newworldencyclopedia.org

Some of the best classic literature contains tales of ghosts, by great authors such as Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, and William Shakespeare  - and these are but a few that come to mind.

Reginald Owen starred as Ebenezer Scrooge
in the 1938 film of "A Christmas Carol" 
I have never conducted my own Séance, nor have I attended one, but it doesn't mean that I haven't done my homework!  I would like to conduct an event at some point, but would have to hear from others who would like to participate!

I previously wrote about my own Ouija Board, in an earlier blog post, that I've yet to use.

Why am I waiting?  

For the fear to go away.

Preparing for your Séance

If you plan to host a Séance, naturally, you will invite people who have a purpose for attending, or at least believe in what you are attempting to accomplish - communicate with spirits.  For instance, prankster-type personalities would not be welcome.  "Non-believers" will disrupt the flow by allowing negative energy and adverse effects as you attempt to contact the spirits.  Drinking alcohol or using illicit drugs are absolutely discouraged.

"WHAT TYPES OF PEOPLE MUST BE BANNED? A circle sitting for mutual development should never admit persons addicted to bad habits, criminals, sensualists, strongly positive persons of any kind, whether rude, skeptical, violent tempered, or dogmatic. A humble, candid, inquiring spirit, unprejudiced, and receptive of truth, is the only frame of mind in which to sit for phenomena, the delicate magnetism of which is shaped, tempered, and made or marred as much by mental as physical conditions."
Source: empathys.co.uk

A planned gathering can be from 3 to 12 people, but smaller crowds are preferred.

In the room that you decide to host the gathering, you will want to ensure that it is quiet and comfortable for all guests.

Utilizing a round or small table is optimum, but a small table will work; or, if you would like, gather in a circle on the floor.

Fresh flowers only.  If you have old flowers reeking in vases, remove them and replace them with fresh flowers.  White roses and lillies would be a nice choice. The same goes for fruit that you may display.

Do not use overhead lights, or lights that are too strong.  Ideally, a few unscented candles scattered around the room would be acceptable.

"Avoid strong light, which, by producing excessive motion in the atmosphere, disturbs the manifestations. A very subdued light is the most favorable for any manifestations of a magnetic character especially for spiritual magnetism."  Source: empathys.co.uk

Prior to your guests arrival, decide upon with whom you wish to make contact, and during the course of the day, think of that person. Each person should be instructed to think about them, by manifesting their image in their mind.  Do you wish to contact a friend or relative?  What do you remember about him or her?  What do you know about this person?  What are your memories?

I have read that perhaps bringing an article or articles that was previously owned by the deceased loved one(s) may entice a spirit to draw near.  Perhaps a photograph, a diary or journal, a stilled watch or an piece of clothing may suffice.  You may even want to carry that "thing" with you for the duration of the day, prior to the Séance to fully draw it's energy toward you.

Turn OFF cell phones.  No calls.  No texts.  Leave your phone in your car or shut it off.  Period.  Frequencies from cell phones disrupt the flow.  Other video or audio equipment can be used, but chose the method carefully and place it strategically.  Still photos are acceptable.

Winter:  Never turn up the heat.  Maintain a comfortable - but never hot room.  Summer:  Keep temperatures as natural as possible.  The reason for this is that some activity from spirits may cause temperatures to fluctuate, and you will want to experience this to know with whom you are dealing.  Malevolent spirits commonly will produce an icy feeling.  If this happens, ask them to immediately leave.  With other spirits, you may experience a chill, or a wave of heat.  This is all natural and part of the process.

Planning to conduct your event at night is optimum, but can easily be arranged for daytime, as spirits do not live in "time" as we know it.  Try to plan the Séance at a time when you are the least likely to be interrupted.  Once the circle is formed, do not allow late arrivals to enter.  Do not break the circle!

Don't muck up the air by using incense.  And that would go the same for sage burning, cigarette or marijuana smoke.  If you are seeking a true experience then, stave off using any kind of smoke for the duration of the event.

Allow everyone to use the bathroom or smoke prior to forming the circle.

Assign someone to "lead" communication, this may be pre-planned, or perhaps you have invited or solicited a medium to conduct the Circle.

There is an old theory that holding or "joining" hands is mandatory during a Séance.  This simply isn't true.  A belief in the collective conscience is preferable.  Think of the "power of prayer", which is essentially the key.

A lovely way to begin would be to have all gathered, close their eyes and offer a prayer to the loved ones with whom you are trying to contact, that they protect and guide you.  It may be helpful during the prayer that all visualize light surrounding all of you.

Breathe deeply, slowly and normally.  This will help raise your consciousness and awareness.  Close your eyes at first and open them with you feel ready to do so.  Keeping this deep state of relaxation, proceed to invite those whom you want to communicate. Relax.

The lead will begin to "call the spirit".  Do not interrupt this process.  Some may later report changes of temperature, fragrances of perfume, specific food smells or cigar smoke may occur, or you may hear certain noises.  These are all to be expected, so don't panic or gasp.  Stay calm.  Let the moment be and allow the lead to make contact.  She may invite you to speak with the entity, but keep your questions logical.

Don't antagonize or taunt.  Don't ask stupid questions like who is going to win the Superbowl or for numbers of a winning lottery ticket.  Your questions should be poignant, clear and authentic.  Ask your question just once.  Everyone should have a chance to ask a question.

ghosttheory.com states: "Understand that the spirit has to cross worlds to heed to your call, and this is very painful. Thus you don’t want to anger it with such curiosities."

I found the following tips from crystalinks.com/seance, and the content has been taken, directly:

Seance Begins

Sometimes spirits may come that you did not expect. Chat quickly with them, thank them, and tell them to move on.

Some spirits chat a lot but some just say one or two things then leave. Some answer questions while others just bring messages.

There is no length of time for a seance. This is up to you, the spirit, and the medium.

It's humorous when several spirits come down and they all want to talk at once. This must be paced as one would any discussion in a group.

A seance can be a wonderful emotional healing experience when done in the proper setting with the proper medium.

Not all spirits are human. Some are animals, generally pets who have crossed over. They speak in imagery and thought as ALL is frequency of consciousness.

Some are other aspects of ourselves as we are all multidimensional and exist simultaneously in other realities.

Some are spirit guides.

Most spirits want their loved ones here to know they are okay on the other side or to clear up unfinished business.

Some come to talk about their deaths, especially with murders or suicides.

Some are funny, others sad. It's interesting that even without a physical form, many still show emotion, leaving one to believe that in some way that are attached or trapped to our physical grid reality.

Some come alone. Some come with others who wait quietly or they all talk at once, really confusing for the beginner who must tell them, "One at a time."

Some come for personal issues then continue on to tell me more about the changes occurring in the universe.

Not all spirits can come to talk when called. Some simply chose not to come. Some have returned to source.

This question remains, What do I do if the entities are negative and say things like "Die!" Stop immediately. If you can not get rid of the spirit after a few minutes, and it probably won't leave, stop the seance for that session. Someone has attracted that spirit for the adventure of it all. Dysfunctional people will attract dysfunctional spirits, for the drama of it. Be sure you know who is in your group, especially if you are a beginner.

Sometimes a person can become hypnotized during a seance and fall into a trance or deep sleep. This also occurs during group meditations. Just allow the person time to wake-up slowly after the seance is over. They should have a message to report to the group.

Ask your spirit guides to protect you. We all have guides even if we don't know their names.

Photos taken during a seance can reflect the appearance of spirit, photo scrying, and is up to personal interpretation.

ALWAYS, always....CLOSE THE DOOR:  Always thank the spirit(s) for coming.  If someone at your event, has fallen into a trance or fallen asleep only wake them afterward, and do so very gently.  Listen.  Do they have a message?

TELL the spirits good bye and that they can now move on.  It is perfectly acceptable to offer another prayer of gratitude before closing the circle entirely.  Do not be surprised if you are visited in your dreams soon thereafter the Séance.


If you plan to use the Ouija Board, the same rules apply, as stated above, with the only difference being that you are using the board as a conduit to the spirit world.  Always educate yourself thoroughly prior to communicating with the spirit world.

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This post is for information and entertainment only.  Any use of this blog post is your own responsibility, and any unpleasant consequences are your own doing.