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Sunday, July 5, 2015

"For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her"

"Emily's Bridge"

Gold Brook Bridge, locally referred to as Emily's bridge is located in Stowe, Vermont.  It is so called Emily's Bridge, and thus haunted by Emily herself.  Urban Legend indicates that she was a rejected bride who was supposed to meet her lover at this bridge to elope.  When the man did not show, Emily hung herself.

Another version states that, distraught and despondent, she took her own life, by throwing herself off the bridge.  

And yet another variant of the story is that she ran back to her home in a fit of frenzy and jumped into the horse drawn carriage.  Traveling much too fast, she was unable to turn the carriage and was thrown from the carriage to her death.

She wears a red wedding dress.  

She wears a white wedding dress...depending upon from what source you hear the tale.  

Many a year ago, I personally hung around this bridge on a full moon and waited for midnight to arrive.  Midnight arrived and passed, and I did not see or hear any sign of Emily. 

On a personal note:  Oddly, about a year ago, when trying to post this very topic, I could not publish it, and attempted to do so for days without success.  I checked the HTML version and the composition itself, but it would not publish!  So I eventually took the whole story down from my blog!  Do you think Emily was trying to send me a message?

With so many stories of Emily, one must ask, who was she?  

The story of the haunted bridge was first brought to life around 1968, when a high school student (allegedly by the name of "Susan") wrote an essay stating that she used a Ouija Board on the bridge.  Apparently, Emily materialized and thus, identified herself.  The story is elaborated by stating that the reason Emily died was due to her lover's mother.  According to my research, there had been a tale "floating about" (couldn't resist that pun) about a ghost named Emily, around the time the paper was written, though a grave site has not been confirmed.

"Many people that have visited Emily's Bridge have experienced disturbing paranormal activity. People have reported scratch marks appearing on vehicles that were parked on the bridge, and being touched or scratched by Emily's ghost. Often strange noises are heard on the bridge, noises such as footsteps, ropes tightening, and a girl screaming. Many also have reported seeing a white apparition around the area of Emily's Bridge. People that have parked their vehicle on the haunted bridge say they tend to hear banging noses from Emily hitting the vehicle on the outside, or the sound of something dragging across the top of the car. The most paranormal events tend to take place between the hours of dusk and 9pm." -wikipedia

Stowe, has the highest number of covered bridges per square mile in Vermont.  Gold Brook Bridge was built in 1844 and in 1974, it was added to the National Register for Historic Places. 

If you travel to visit Emily, please remember that there are many residents in the surrounding area and that should be respected.