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Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy Birthday, Vermont DeadLine!


Vermont DeadLine 
is celebrating 1 year online!

My, my how time has flown! Yesterday, I realized that I began this website in September of last year. 

To anyone and everyone who has read this blog, I thank you dearly and hope that you have enjoyed this blog's content!

An Embarrassing Confession:

I want to tell you the truth - that just now - just this morning - I discovered the many comments that have been left - my apologies for not responding.  To tell you the truth, I disallowed the email notifications and had absolutely no idea that I had so many responses, and just learned that I can view them in the layout section of Blogger!  

I will be posting some of these comments, because the content is amazing.  Again, my humble most apologies for not responding - I never even noticed them until today!  I will be returning messages over the weekend.

Personally, it has been an amazing year!  Russ and I were married on May 31st and, later in the summer I changed jobs - something I had not planned - and ended up a State employee!  


My very first post was a huge endeavor of typing out epitaphs that I had personally collected from various locations around Vermont, and then posting a picture between every epitaph!  I can't help but mention that the coolest, most obscure and interesting "last words" were found on back roads in the hills of Orange County.

As you know, the focus of this blog has been the dark, mysterious and the obscure stories that are based on either fact, folklore or legend.  I have had a blast collecting what I call "blog fodder", and still am seeking more stories, tales and photographs from the "dark side" of our Green Mountains.  

I am also interested in gaining "legal entry" into any abandoned houses, buildings or places that you may know of, for the purpose of photographing its interior and contents.  Please contact me if you know of any!  Please contact me!


Remember, October is right around the corner, so I will be focusing on Halloween (Samhain) and all that it is creepy, scary and mysterious!

If you are seeking specific content on this blog, please scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you can view all of the labels that have thus far been posted.

Again, thank you all for reading Vermont DeadLine!  

Brightest Blessings

Visit often

Stay long,

With Love and Light Darkness,