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Saturday, September 7, 2013

EPITAPHS - The Last Word

DISCLAIMER:  The epitaphs shown here are authentic, taken directly from individual graves by me personally, and are mostly dated from the late 1700's through 1900's.   I have been collecting epitaphs for over a decade, as a preservation of sorts, and the love of the Gothic-style poetry that appears on many of the older graves.  Names of the loved ones from which these epitaphs came, will remain anonymous out of respect for any surviving relatives or friends.  I have indicated a date at the end of those epitaphs from which I could read - by year of death (when remembering to record this data).  The pictures displayed here are in no way associated with any person of any epitaph listed, and have been randomly chosen from the Internet, and posted for entertainment value only.  All epitaphs are from various towns in Vermont.  
Spelling, or mis-spelling, (and grammar) as it may be, were transposed directly from each grave.

“Farewell fond mourners
For this truth despise
For only the happy
Are truly wise.”   1806

“Delay not thy soul's concerns
For Death pursueth thee at every step
As shadows followeth thy body.”  1814

“Friends, behold as you pass by
As you are now, once was I
As I am now, so you will be
Prepare for Death,
and follow me.”  1817

Behold the sad impending
which now arrests our eyes
The silken bonds of a union broke
A tender mother dies.”  1814

“Weep not my friends nor mourn too much
'Twas God that gave the heavy touch
Submit to his afflicting stroke
Nor by your murmurings Heaven provoke
My flesh shall slumber in the ground
Till the last trumpet joyful sound
The burst the tom with glad surprise
And in my Savior's image rise.”  1805

“Farewell dear consort, children, friends
I hope we soon shall meet with joy
My Heavenly Father for me sends
I go where nothing can annoy
Retire my friends, dry up your tears
Here I shall lie until Christ appears.”  1813

“Blessed are the dead which are in the Lord
From henceforth year arise the spirit
That they may rest from their labors
And their works do follow them.”  1817

“Here lies the grief of a fond mother
and the blested expectations of an
indulgent father, and he did not fall alone.
Nor the hopes of the father and the
pleasing prospect of a mother who fell with him.”  1821

“Affliction for five days I bore
Physicians were in vain
Til God did please and
Death did seize
and eased me of my pain.”  1807

“She was much respected in life and
equally lamented in death.  Let the living
remember that the old must die and
the young may then let all to meet
their God.”

“Death like a dart did prepare my heart
When I was in my prime
When this you see, grieve not for me
Twas God's appointed time.”  1818

“Let worms devour my wasting flesh
and crumble all my bones to dust
My God shall raise my frame anew
At the revival of the Just.”  1828

“Great God, is this our certain doom?
And are we still secure?
Still walking downward to our tomb,
and yet prepare no more.”  1813

“A few short years of evil past
We reach the happy shore
Where death divided us at last
Shall need to part no more.”  1795

“The sin could blight or sorrow fade
Death came with friendly care
The opening bud to Heaven conveyed
and made it blossom there”  1890

“Be her sleep, calm and deep
Like theirs that fell, not ours who weep.”

“Our Mother's Grave” 1807

“Our dying friends are pioneer.”  1847

“Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep
From which no one ever wake to weep.”  1905

“Earthly beauty fades away
Like a rose in summer's day
And the flowers that loveliest bloom
Often find the earliest tomb”

“Life like a vapour now is gone
Enclosed am I in the dark tomb
No more shall I in time be known
Death the great conqueror cut me down
In this cold grave, I must remain
As long as time and death shall reighn
But when the great last trump shall sound
Unit I must with all around”
“Rising to hear our God declare
No pain nor death shall e'er be more
And when in Christ we all do meet,
My happiness will be complete”  1819

“God is our Refuge”  1873

“Suffer little children to come unto me
and forbid them not”

“What sad emotions fill my heart
When o'er the Grave I bend
Where sleeps a husband ever dear
A true and faithful friend.”  1833

“Neglected on Earth but cared for
in Heaven is the daily prayer
of our daughter”

“Loved one we miss thee
Yet would not call thee from thy rest”  1880

“Lost to sight and memory dear”

“When the cold icy hand of death
Did still his flowing blood
In joy he lost his latest breath
In fellowship with God
Then rising on the viewless air
Spread his wings and soared to God”

“He sleeps beneath his native earth
And near the spot that gave him birth
His youthful feet trod flowers that brood
In beauty o'er his early tomb”

“On Earth she was a pleasant child
her language sweet, her temper mild
But now has gone to worlds above
To join in everlasting theems of love”

“Dear little Matty has gone to rest
Short and sweet was her stay
The heaven winged Angel has called
And bore her spirit away’

“My Christian friends a short farewell
Till we shall meet again above
In the sweet grove where pleasures dwell
And trees of life bear fruits of love”

“He died to a sin, he died to care;
But for a moment felt the rod
Then rising on the viewless air
Spread his wings and soared to God”

“While near this clay cold grave you stand
Let fall one pensive tear
The tender mother wife and friend
Lies wrapped in silence here”

“Faith points to hope above the skies,
Where virtuous friendship never dies”

“She was as blooming as a rose,
her life was like the travelled ocean
may Christ the redeemer be disposed,
To take her to Abrahams bosom”

“'Tis but a body slumbers here
A loving husband and father dear
Forever broken is the family chain
But your memory with us will ever remain”

“Fifty years *they lived and loved together
and together they have gone to heaven
to live and love forever”
*Note of interest:  this couple died 4 days apart, 1884

“This lovely bud so young and fair
Is taken from his parents care
No more to blossom nor die
But under these cold clods he lies”

“This lovely youth resign'd her breath
Prepared to live and ripe for death,
Ye blooming youths who view this stone
Learn early death to be your own”

“I take these little lambs said He,
And lay them in my breast,
Protection they shall find in me,
and be forever blest”

“Life is a journey soon to cease
A race that is not over long
All infants that wail an old man's song
and then eternities of peace”

“Incessant rapid roll the wheels of time,
Year after year in swift succession speeds,
How short man from infancy to prim
From prime how quick decrepit age succeeds”

“He sleeps in Jesus
Then weeps not for the loved one fled
To a land more pure, a home more fair;
Call not the departed dead;
he lives, he loves, he waits me there”

“I left my father and my friends
Not thinking but to meet again
But sudden death has stopped my breath
And while they mourn I moulder here”

“Though greedy worms devour my skin
And gnaw my wasting flesh
God shall build my bones again
And put it on afresh”  1851

“Remember me when far away
Remember me at close of day
Remember me where death shall close
My eyelids in their sad repose
When evening zephyrs gently wave
The tall grass o'er Julia's grave”  1878

“And when the last morning shall break
And scatter the sepulcher's shade
Her dust from its slumber shall wake
In beauty immortal arrayed”

“Our life is never at a stand
Tis like a fading flower
Death which is always near at hand
Grows nearer every hour”

“All this she was in social life
A daughter, sister, friend and wife
The closest field and shady grave.
Attest her prayers, her vows, her love
Her race was short, her rest is sweet
her joys divine, her bliss complete.
This, this alone her friends doth cheer,
And joy wipes off the falling tear”

“Passing stranger, heed this not
A place of fear and gloom
We love to linger near this spot,
For 'tis our mother's tomb”

“One more bud from earth has faded
One less flower for us doth bloom
One more earthly tie is broken
One more home is wrapped in gloom”
“Emma, yes our dearest Emma
Closed her eyes, at dawn of day
And while friends stood weeping round her
Her young spirit passed away”

“So fades this lovely blooming flower
Sweet smiling solace of an hour,
So swift our transient comfort fly,
and pleasures only bloom to die.”

“Fair spirit haste away
Thy home is yonder skies
and a land of endless day.
Comes dawning on thine eyes;
Earth can afford us but a tomb
Go range where fadeless flowers bloom.”

“There was a jewel richly set
The frame was beautiful but frail
The destroyer breathed upon it and
it was no more.
But the gem remains unchanged.”

“And when the vain shadows of time are retiring,
When life is fast fleeting and death is in sight,
The Christian believing exulting expiring,
Beholds a tomorrow of endless delight”

“Yet on her dying countenance was seen a smile,
The index of a soul serene”

“My soul forsakes its vain delights
And bids the world farewell
Its winged spirit takes its flight
In unknown worlds to dwell”

“This lovely bud so young and fair
Called hence by early doom
Just came to show how sweet a flower
In paradise would bloom”

“My loving wife, my bosom friend
The object of my love
The times been sweet I've spent with you
My sweet and harmless dove”

“A loved one from us has gone
A voice we loved is still
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled”

“The storm that wracks the winter sky
No more disturbs his repose.
That summer's evenings latest sigh
That shuts the rose”

“Stay Traveler, as you pass by,
As you are now, so was I,
As I am now, you soon will be
Prepare for death, and follow me”  1842

“Sleep lovely child thy pains are o'er
Thy spirits to Thy God hath flown
Earth's sorrows will be thine no more,
But Heavenly joys are now thine own”

“Our dear father to Heaven has gone
His care and toils are o'er
Sorrow pain and suffering now
Can ne'er distress him more
May we meet in the sweet by and by”

“Long shall thy memory be revered,
By those who know thy worth
By those who though most have deared
By the strongest ties of Earth”

“But when the fall destroyer came
It took her from our view
Scarce giving time to see her
Or bid a last adieu and die’

“Full 70 years I've breathed the air
Of pains and fruit I've tasted
On Heaven I've built it, my hopes so fair,
and now my bones are wasted”

“Here lies Old Jack Crow.
It was too bad he had to go.
While on Earth he was hell bent
And knew someday he would up and went”

“He was needed there in the name of light
Where never is pain and there is no night
He is waiting for thee mid the shining bend
Of the ransomed one is in the better land”

“Fairwell dear boy, thy spark live
That bound so fondly on us here
Is said in death thy merry laugh
Is hush in silence, long and dear”

“Dear Mother,
On earth through many paths
How long thy feet have trod
To find the last peaceful rest
Safe in the arms of God”

“Death lies on her
Like an untimely frost
Upon the sweetest flower
of all Her field”

“So gentle bird, go free as air
From this vain world of sin and care
Go to thy Saviors arms of love
The fare and happy world above”

“I can close my eyes and almost hear
the ocean's distant call
I can picture a far off mountain
standing steep and proud and tall...
When I close my eyes I can see anything
that I really want to see.
I only wish I could open them
And see you here with me”

“Darling Perly, he has left us
Left us, yes, for ever more”  1898

“Sleep in Jesus.”

“Blessed are the devils who Damn the Lord”

“Her record is on high.”  1827

“Sweetly with his God he rests,
All life toil and trouble are over.”

“Unknown her weeping mortality past the world.
So much virtue beauty
O she's gone but cease to mourn her”

“Yes hard indeed it’s been to see
So many friends depart
And then to be deprived of Christopher
Is rendering to the heart”   1867
“It is therefore a holy and wholesome
thought to pray for the dead that they
may be released from sin.”  1871

“Dearest Lizzie may we meet you
when our work on Earth is done
Meet you in the Heavens above
There to await endless love.”  1871

“Come all you active, young and gay
In me behold your doom
Akin to dust and born of clay
Your destined for the tomb” 1808

“My friends, my friends
Don't weep for me
But see that you prepared be
For that great Solemn awful day
When heaven and earth Shall be on fire,
the mountains quake
Sea's retire
And all creation in dismay”  1810

“Here sleeps what late was lovely, bright and gay
Closed are those eyes that beamed a cheering ray
The quiet hand of death is on that tongue
On whose accents of we fondly hung”  1816

Oh you see me now, in deaths cold arm
Closing my eyes on all your worldly charm
Oh when my youthful mates you chance did see
Warn them of death, You bid them think of me” 1814

“Weep not for me, but let each falling tear
Drop for yourselves, you yet must wander here.
In this dark veil where sins and sorrows grow
But death will find you, God, the hour doth know”  1819

“Read this, and reading learn your fate
The aged and the youth must die
How frail is life, how short its date
The sentence sure, the season is night.” 1814

“Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord,
that they may rest from their labors,
and their works do follow them.”  1816

“My Savior will be my life restore
And call me from my dark abode
My flesh and soul shall part no more
But dwell forever near my God“ 1814

“Slumber dearest brother where alone thou lay
Regardless of sorrow, of sin and of pain
Slumber on, slumber on, while grief tribute in vain
Slumber on dearest brother with the cold ocean’s wave
So mournfully rolling above thy lone bed
Slumber on, slumber on, in that cold watery grave
With aught but the wild sea weed to pillow thy head.”

“Mother, we miss thee.”

“In sleeping in her Savior's arms
He supports her with all his charms.”

“The path of the just is as the shining light,
that shineth more and more into the perfect day.”

“And it doth not yet appear what we shall be,
but we know that when He shall appear
we shall be like him be.”

“And Betsy, thy voyage was but short
While tempests and billows did roar
We trust she has entered the port
And landed on Canaan's fair shore.”

“Farewell, my friends and neighbors all
Your kindness I owe, ne'er repay
Prepare for death that solemn call
And meet me at the judgment day.”

“My sun is set, my days are past.”

“Dear Mother, in thy coffin bed
We have lain thee down to rest
Those weary darkened eyes are closed
And though are with the blest.”  1881

“Ye sorrow not even us or other have no hope for ye
Believe that Jesus died and rose
again even so than also which sleep in Jesus will God bring within
wherefore comfort another with these words and set not your
affections on  things of earth, but on things above where
Christ siteth at the right hand of God.”

“He lives to die no more
To Heaven he fought his ways
He's gained the mark, won the prize
He rots in endless day.”

“Dear is the spot where Christians sleep
And sweet the strains their spirits pour
O why should we anguish, weep
Thy are not last, but gone before.”  1870

“He lived on the farm,
were he planted the first tree
and kindled the first fire. “ 1861

“How short the days our friend had run
Cut down while Iris bloom
The course but yesterday had begun
Now finished in the tomb.”

“Out from the darkness suffering and sorrow
Over the mythical waveless sea
born in the radiant sunlight eternal
Mother, dear Mother, thou art free.”

“Faithful here in every duty
Occupy now on the Hills of Gold
With loved ones in the realms of beauty
were the Pearly Gates unfold.”

“Out of the depths of human pain
Out from all woe and sadness
Up from the strife of mortal life
The soul has roared in gladness.”

“A precious one from us has gone
A voice we loved is still
A place is vacant in the home
Which never can be filled.”

“Little Gilman is gone
We shall miss his fond love
Tears cannot recall him
His home is above.”  1873

“My heart is on the mountain still.”  1967

“Farewell sweet child! thy form so dear
We leave beneath the earths green sod
But lo! thy spirit sleeps not here
It lives immortal with thy God.”

“How cheering the thought that the angels in bliss
Spread their bright wings to a world such as this.”  1864

“Yet again we hope to meet thee
When the dreams of life are fled
And in Heaven with joy will greet thee
Where no farewell tear is shed.” 1839

“The friends we love the dearest
Fall soonest by our side
And death is always nearest
The promise hope of pride.”  1839

“In our heart we cherish
Some tender object there
Death is sure to sever
However bright and fair.”  1813

“Draw near my friend and take a thought
How soon the grave may be your lot
Make sure of Christ while life remains
And death shall be your carnal gain.”

“A hush in death, so silently
Yet but to us alone
Thy voice now learns a melody
To mortals ever unknown.”   1838

“No mortal woes
can reach the peaceful slumber here
While Angels watch her soft repose.”  1841

“Fold her oh! Father in thine arms
And let her henceforth be
A messenger of love between
our human hearts and Thee.”  1864

“Waiting.”  1881

“He giveth his beloved sleep.”  1882

There is rest for the weary.  1872

“My friends nor physicians could not save
My mortal body from the grave
Nor can the grave confine me here
When I am summoned to appear.”  1848

“Think children, whilst you weep for me
As I am now, you soon must be
And if with me you'd live in heaven
You must forgive to be forgiven.”

“She hath done what she could.”

“My precious wife from me has gone
The voice I loved is still.”  1899

“They lived *together 59 years,
Lived on one farm 58 years
They hoped in God through Christ.”
Man and wife - died 2 months, 3 days apart, 1845

“Our memory is with sweet submission
Dear like him our Earthly pain
Then when life on Earth is over
May us meet in Heaven again.”

“Farewell Father much we miss thee
Much upon thy name us dwell
But I hope in Heaven to meet thee
When we ne'er shall say farewell.”  1857

“Lonely and dark as our home is now
Shadows sling on each joyless brow
Earth hath no beauty our spirit to cheer
Life has no gladness cause He is not here
and we must bow to the touch of His hand
Though he has broken our loved household
Though he as seen the hand of the damned
He hath the power to wish us again.”
“The star that lasts.”

“Why should the earth delight us so?
Why should we fix our eyes
on these low grounds were on flowers grow
And every pleasure dies”

“Fair was the flower and soft the vernal night sky
Elate with hope we deemed no danger
When Lo!  a whirlwind's instantaneous gust
Left all its beauties withering in the dust.” 1809

“Though hard to find a fond one's farewell
The task is done and "all is well"
Then let no tear of sorrow fall
For God is love and "all in all".

“Five times five years I lived a virgin life
Nine times five years I lived a virtuous wife
Wearied of this mortal life, I rest.”  1888

“So we have buried Mother
We have laid her down to sleep
And the silent stars at midnight
O'er her watchful vigil keep
And the angels too are gazing
Methinks with watchful care
Then soaring to our dear Father
They bore the tidings there.”

“Bury the dead and weep in silence of the loss
Bury the dead in Christ they sleep
When bore on Earth his cross.”  1826

“May we pursue the path
Our pious Mother lead
With love and holy zeal obey
the counsel of the dead”  1830

“A loving wife
A daughter dear
A sister kind
A friend sincere”

“Open thy bosom faithful tomb
Receive this treasure to thy trust
And make these sacred relics roam
To find slumber in the dust.”  1808

“Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
for they rest from their labors and
their works to follow them.” 1858

“Farewell a word that one be hath been
A sound which makes us linger
yet Farewell.”  1853

“Here sleeps our Father in the _______ dust
By all our sorrow all our love a to removed
Sleep till solemn summons of the just
Bid him warmth to meet the God he loves” 1844

“In midst of the path of God.”

“Though I the watchmen's sleep
Watch I leave my fold
The Shepard of the sheep.”  1838

“I know that whatsoever God doeth
It shall be forever nothing and be put to use
nor anything take from it and God
doeth it that men should fear before him.”

“One of the chosen.”  1879

“I am resting in hope.”  1854

“I know that my Redeemer lives
That I shall live I know.”

“O die vain world with all thy fleeting to us
And ye children of my fonderest love
And companion of my joys.
The past with awful scene of death
To join with spirits immortal
And participate in the fruition of God
To all Eternity.”  1841

“Sleep not often sleep in slumber blest
Thy mouldering dust in death must rest
Till the last trump bids thee to rise
in the skies.”

“Come, Lord Jesus, quickly.”

“Though my body lies in a distant land
I hope to meet you all in one happy end.”

“Thy word commands our flesh to dust
Return the sons of men.
all nations rise from earth at first
And returns to earth again.”

“The righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance.”

“At peace in God's love.”

“Sleep, Darling, Sleep.”

“Meet me there.”

“A good husband and a kind father
You are not forgotten
May we meet in Heaven.”

“Vital spark of Heaven's flame
Quit oh, quit, this mortal frame
Cease fond nature, cease thy strife
Thee let me languish in life.”

“Earth flys with all the charms it has in store
It snares and gay temptations are no more
Would _______ and now are vanished from my sight.”

“This is a debt to nature due
Which I have paid and so must you.”

“How loved, how valued once avails thee not,
It’s not to whom related or by whom we be
A heap of dust alone remains of thee
Tis all thou art, and all proud shall be.”

“Lizzie I have come to greet thee
and to meet thee to part no more.
My trust in in thee Oh Lord.”

“Bravely but humbly we walk life's thorny path
Affliction hast end
Heaven has rewarded him”

“Time was like me, his life possessed
But him will be, when I shall rest.”

“Child is it well with thee?
Is well with me my friend, my toils are o'er
Earth's sorrows and change
can pain me no more.
The little brief period of life to me given
Is changed for the lasting of Heaven.”

“Beware! my youthful friends, as you pass by my tomb
You too; are hastening on, to meet your final doom.
Although my body in this cold grave is buried low
My spirit lives in heaven, above this world of woe.
I have passed in youth, from Earth's tempestuous shore
To dwell with Jesus and Holy angels forever more.”  1784 to 1856 (family plot)

“My sudden call, unites you all.”  1811

“He sleeps in silence, where no glimmering sun can enter there.”

“So fades the loving blooming flower
Frail smiling solace of an hour
So soon our transient comfort fly
And pleasures only bloom to die.”

“O Man, behold thy years decay
And cast a thought on a season gone
Thy spirit too must wing her way
To realms too distant and unknown.”  1804

“Farewell my dear parents said she
From your kind embrace, I leap,
with Jesus, my parents to be.
My flesh in the tomb for to sleep.”  1825

“Sleep on sweet babe, and take thy rest
God called on thee home.
He saw it best.”

“The grave is a favored spot
The saints who sleep in Jesus blest
For their the wicked trouble not
And there the weary are at rest.”

“Alas my Sarah taken from my bed
Yonder she soars, Elijah, Elijah like on high
Chariot of Israel and its horses fled
She’s with the Prophet no more to die
She's gone alas her voice you'll hear no more, no more.
See heaven shining in her face
She's gone superior blessing to explore
She's gone to experience more abundant grace.”  1818

“Far from thy home and grave of kindred dear
Thine ashes rest in death's long quiet sleep
yet faithful oft shall linger here
Above thy low green sod to mourn and weep
Affection to thy cherished memory rears
This stone, a tribute poor to worth like thine
But faith alone can check her flowing tears
And point to realms and peace and joy divine
Where thy pure spirit dwells
Which earth could not enshrine.”  1838

“No pain, nor grief, nor anxious fear
can reach our beloved sister here.” 1846

“Our dying friends are pioneer
to smooth our rugged path to death.”1846

“Death like an overflowing stream
Sweeps away our life is a dream
An empty tale, a morning flower
Cut down and wither'd in an hour.“

“On Earth she bore the cross
In heaven she wears the crown.” 1815

“In blooming youth one day we stood
The next called to the bar of God
Think reader, can thy heart tender
A summons to a bar so pure.”

“Turn gentle wand'rer view the tomb
Let sympathy indulge a tear
And reflect this is your doom.
Truth is opened here.”  1815

“My sudden call invites you all
Cold death for to remember
When death doth come to call you home
To death you must surrender.”  1816

“In as much as ye have done unto me
Of these my brethren, ye of done in unto me.”  1887

“His daily prayer far better understood
In acts than words was simply doing good.”

“Fold her, O Father, on thine arms
And let her henceforth be
a messenger of love between
our human hearts and thee.”

“Waiting for thee at the beautiful gate.”

“Of such is the kingdom.”

“In immortality, how sweet.”

“Our friend has arrived at the end of the tedious journey
The living are traveling the same road and must over take him.”

“Father we miss and mourn thee
But ours are not despairing tears
For we know that we shall meet thee
In a few short fleeting years.”  1881

“How calmly did she leave us
How sweet she fell asleep
Yes fell asleep in Jesus
To wake no more to weep.”  1873

“Many fond hopes lie buried here.”  1893

“I did not think the Lord
Could do so much for me.”

“Dearest sister, though hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But tis God that hast bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal.”

“She became a Christian at the age of 15 years
and was a faithful Christian and loving mother.”  1871

“I shall Praise the Lord
as long as he gives me strength.”

“Call not back the dear departed
Anchored safe where storms are over
On the border land we left them
Soon to meet and part no more.”

“Lone are the paths and sad the bowers
Whence thy meek smile is gone;
But of a brighter home than ours
In heaven is now thine own”

“Our mother is gone and we are left
The loss of her to mourn
But may we hope to meet her
With Christ before God's throne.”

“*George is gone to Paradise
An angel took him home
To dwell among the seraphim’s
But we are not left alone.
George is gone to Paradise
His brother Gilman there he will see
And among the shining angels
he will sing and wait for you and me.”  1874

“Dearest *Gilman though hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel.
But tis God that has bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal
Yet again, dear Gilman we hope to meet then
When the day of life is fled
Then in Heaven with joy to greet thee
Where no farwell tears are shed.
Farewell.  Farewell.”  1874
(*George/Gilman - brothers died 10 days apart)

“Innocent heart, sweet and lovely
So he will keep them ever more
And they will ready be to greet us
When we reach the golden shore.”

“Our mother dear is resting now
from care and sorrow free
And the endless sleep crept over her brow
As calm comes o'er the sea.”  1883

“She performed her life-work well.”

“She sleeps near the home of her children
With the loved ones that are gathered around
And beautiful birds from the wild wood
Will sing their sweet songs o'er her mound
With the litte one close behind her
And free from all sorrows and care
They'll dwell in that strange land together
For kindred and loved ones are there.”  1883

“Our Little Archie.”

“Baby Maude.”