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Friday, May 15, 2015

West Rutland Art Park


If you are traveling through the Rutland area, or live in Rutland County, treat yourself to a very quick and unique experience.  Take the road to Middletown Springs in West Rutland, and about only a mile or two down the road on the right, you will see a white figure with bright overalls that are all the colors of the rainbow.  It sits upon the hillside watching the cars go by.  

Go ahead, take the right turn immediately after him or her, sitting on the hill, and check out this wonderful little park that was the inspiration of one woman, and the reality of artists from around the world!   Sometimes it's nice to take  a little culture break!

You can visit their website by clicking here. 
There are links to the artists websites, respectfully.  

 And here is a link to the blog, to learn more. 

Artist: Ayla Turan  (Turkey) 

Vermont White Marble -
Artist: Filin Gheorgui (Italy)   

"Bridge of Winds"
Vermont White Marble
Artist: Nando Alvarez (Spain)  

 "DANCE"  Vermont White Marble
Artist:  Liliya Pobornikova, (Bulgaria) 

"Across Time and Space"
Vermont Found Steel
Artist:  Guohua Xu, (China)  
Painted Steel
Artist:  Xuxo (Spain)
"Spirit of the Green Mountains" (Vermont Verde Antique)
Artist: Jo Kley (Germany)