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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wedding Day

After all of the jangled nerves, tears of joy and the blessings of our friends and family, our big day has come and gone!  It is only fitting that I share parts of our day with my readers.  It was a perfect day, not too cold, nor too hot.  We have such gratitude and love for everyone who shared our special day, and for anyone who couldn't make it, you were missed, indeed!  

*    *    *

Here, my brother-in-law walks me down the aisle and gives me away:

The Wedding Ceremony (my sister, Matron of Honor, far left; Officiant is Roger Comes)

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin!

A dance with my father-in-law, Bill Goodwin

The Groom and I tear up the dance floor

Fun with the Garter Toss

Tossing the bouquet

The Groom

This is what true love feels like....

The Bride

The Groom has a dance with Mom

Singing "Friends in Low Places" with my new family!

My dear friends!

Family and friends....

Our DJ, Pat Quimby and friend, Dave Couch

Yes, my Mom made it, with help from my brother in law

My Mom and Sister

My new niece Autumn, left and my blood niece, Shyann

My step-Mom in-law (Patty) and father-in-law (Bill)

Best Man, Jim - my new bro-in-law (left); Pat Quimby (DJ/Center); Groom, Russell Goodwin (right); Tracey Goodwin (my new sister-in-law - front/center)

My other sister in law by blood, Rhonda Roberts with her husband Bill

My dear friend and mother in law, Lavenia (right)