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Friday, June 27, 2014

Green Mount Cemetery - Montpelier, Vermont

A few weeks ago, I wandered into this cemetery with the sole purpose of taking pictures of a few of the statues, other than John Kellogg's "Black Agnes".  What I didn't know was how incredibly peaceful this site is, and how many wonderful statues there are to behold!  Please forgive some of the photography, as it was a very hazy morning, and the rain had just stopped.  All in all, I am quite pleased with the results.


"The thirty-five acres on which the Green Mount Cemetery is located were bought in 1854. Of the purchase price of $2,210, $1,000 was donated by Calvin Keith, a Montpelier lawyer and $1,210 was put up by the town. In 1905, the Chapel-Vault building was erected from a generous bequest of John E. Hubbard. The Vault portion can hold up to 60 entombments and the chapel can accommodate 60 people for funeral services. Since this time, Green Mount Cemetery proudly exhibits many terraced lots, 2.5 miles of curved roads, and many pleasant shade trees and ornamental shrubs. There are many sculptured works which are memorials to the talents of our area's artisans both past and present."  Source:

Below this lovely statue are hand-carved stairs (you can see them above the statue), which is an architectural site of interest in this location. 

This monument was originally carved with a wreath on top, though it is difficult to see it now, as the carving is now entombed in moss.

An amazing rendition of La Pieta