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Monday, November 18, 2013

Reading Signs

11/18/13 ~ Today, when stepping outside for a break from work, we discovered a black raven with a broken wing.  We had no idea what had happened to the bird. While the bird sat helplessly on the wall, 2 other ravens flew overhead, swirling around a couple of times before disappearing entirely.  

I got up close to it to observe its utter blackness, with the only difference in any part of its body being its brown eyes, which shifted from brown to a luminous green, as the sun reflected into them.  Usually, I am very  fearful of birds or when I encounter a wild creature, but experienced nothing of the kind today.  I felt indifferent, and undaunted. (And yes, we did call the Bird Rescue).  

When we came back inside, a 

co-worker asked me for 

something, and when I opened 

my desk drawer, I discovered a 

black rabbit’s foot key chain 

that my Mom had given to me. I 

put it there months ago and 

forgot about until now.  This 

key chain my Mom has had for many, many years.  Someone gave 

it to her before she met my Dad, so it is over 55 years old!

I have been embarking upon an inward journey, as of late, 

specifically to strengthen my knowledge surrounding 

clairvoyance and my spiritual self.  This was a strange 

coincidence, and I wondered what the Raven symbol meant?


Ravens are associated with having psychic abilities 

and sometimes clairvoyants use their feathers as a 

tool to hone in this ability.  “If a Raven has flow into your life, 

you can be sure something unusual will be happening, something 

out of the Void, from the Great Mystery.  While you can’t fully 

prepare for the mysterious, it is good to meet Ravens without fear, 

and an appreciation of their magic.”

“The raven is also frequently linked with prophecy, further 

enhancing its status as a bird of the occult. Not only was it a 

messenger of the gods, both as an informant and as a guide, but it 

also was thought to be the most prophetic of all birds. People are 

still referred to as having "the foresight of ravens.”  Or to have 

Raven’s knowledge, which came from Ireland meaning that a seer 

possesses supernatural powers.”  Ravens are birds of prophecy – it 

is the protector and teacher of seers and clairvoyants.” 

The Rabbit’s Foot?  Due to the animal rights movement, and the 

fact that rabbits feet are no longer produced as good luck charms -  

(and, what you do find today are not real rabbits feet) - it difficult

 to find information online regarding their symbolic meaning, other

 than what we already know.  

The rabbits foot is a universal token of Good Luck,  Health,

 Happiness, and Success. 

One other tidbit:  In order for a rabbits foot to be lucky, it should 

be given or passed down to you.

So, what does this mean?  I have to stop and ground myself to prepare for anything.  I am not one to seek out the negative, and typically avoid drama, like the plague.   I can only assume that change is on the horizon.  Good or bad, I shall deal with it as life presents itself.  That is all I can do!    ~Denise