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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Abandoned in Moretown, Thanks to Irene

Update 11/22/13:  I was informed that this house was actually abandoned long before the Storm.  It is not a victim of Tropical Storm Irene. Thank you, T.Z. for the information!  

Returning from our Staff Retreat at Sugarbush, my co-worker and I were traveling down Route 100 in lower Moretown (I believe the house is actually in Middlesex), when we spotted this abandoned house.

I worked up the nerve to try the front door to find it open, so I bent in and took some pictures of this once lovely home.  Using zoom on my phone camera, I was able to get some good pictures, but a couple are blurry.   I would have loved to have sneaked upstairs, but I didn't want to trespass anymore than I was. 

Perhaps I will ask the Town for permission to go in to photograph the rest of the building.... another adventure...another time.