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Sunday, October 16, 2016


It is difficult to imagine that last year at this time, many of us were busy posting pictures of pumpkins and corn mazes on Facebook, and Tweeting comfortable news on Twitter.  I don't think any of us could have believed that our country would be in such a maelstrom of division, as it is today.  This election year has brought out the worst of all of us, and our emotions are deeply visceral.  Never before have I been more concerned about an election outcome, than this year.  I have found myself addicted to the news, and I anxiously wait for the next bomb to be dropped. 
I am an angry that the fundamental issues that we should normally expect to discuss and debate during an election year, have been squashed by what has been nothing less than a side show in a circus.  I want to hear how the candidates will help the homeless, feed our families, and heat our homes.  I want to hear about how they will answer to nations that threaten our freedoms.  I want to hear about their policies and their responses to American concerns; yet, here we are, feeling as if we must don chain-mail to deflect the insults and rhetoric of our opponent's views. 

I am a Democrat, always have been, and no one can take away my right to express myself, as I am an American and I'm sure many will not agree with my position, but that is between you and God.  I am female and I vote.  Today I am angry.... And, when I get angry, I write. 


Eminem, will you rap this?
The whole country is knee-deep in shit.
And, I want to live in a country where the definition of separation, 
means distance, and nothing else;
Because we love each other, despite of our hardships or wealth.
Where all men are created equal, includes women, too;
And that we have the right to do with our bodies what we choose.
Prosperity through hard work, is still the American Dream,
And, I believe that our country's ideology can be redeemed.
We should not tolerate power as a means to molest,
nor should women normalize or expect an unwanted caress.
We've come to far, to be reduced and ridiculed;
Our minds should not be dismissed, nor our bodies misused.
Shame on you, who turn a blind eye to repeated incidents,
For you are degrading the victims and mocking the innocent.
Many are defending the actions of one, as a common distraction;
But, if you're jumping on the wagon of this adverse reaction,
You're flaming our flag and disparaging our one nation.
Wake up!  These people are paid, that you see on the news,
To support him and his distorted point of views;
For anyone with one shred of decency,
Would never tolerate his racism, hatred and obscenities. 
Some of you must have turned the channel,
during that last, now famous, debate; 
Because the world was bombarded with irrelevant babble,
and, most of his answers were to topics that didn't relate.
Our world is changing, and not what it used to be, 
We live in real time, and are barraged with rapid technology;
Our country is riddled with problems, this much is true,
But don't we all stand under that flag of red, white and blue?
Because, above all, Democracy should be stressed:
The American Dream remains the same:
Through hard work, we can all reap the same benefits, 
But only if we work together, without bigotry or prejudice.
Civil Unions should not be regarded as sin, 
Because love is love, where ever one finds it!
And, one should never be judged by the color of their skin;
Old Jim Crow should be buried, gone and dead;
But stands to be resurrected, if he is elected -
and this we should dread!
We need to continue to develop laws that are reflect our times,
And our lives are endangered, if you think otherwise.
For our own safety, background checks for those who want guns,
Is plain common sense, and these we should conduct.
Your rights will still be preserved under the Second Amendment,
You can still hunt and have fun with your guns,
But let's protect each other, and our little ones.
I believe that one must educate themselves on political facts,
Before you make statements from contorted rhetoric.
A Presidential candidate should be experienced,
and should possess a grain of common sense.
Unlike him, she is calm, cool and collected;
She's traveled the world, and is well connected.
Imagine this churl having high tea with the Queen!
Truly, you're not that naive, 
to think he's capable of negotiating world peace?
America, now is the time to dig down deep,
Can you really trust a man with nukes, that you can bait with a tweet?
I am a female who votes, and I'm a U.S. veteran,
And, I take offense when our freedom is threatened.
Yet, many continue to praise him for his business brilliance;
And, I don't care if he's worth one cent or millions,
For, if all Americans are held to the same standard, 
That our intention is to pay our fair share of tax, 
Shouldn't he be held to the same expectation?
Are you excusing this behavior,
because he's famous for giving the axe?
(This guy can't even find Syria on a map).
Yet, weeks have passed, and he still has not provided this information.
A world leader should not represent power through intimidation
Nor, should our immigrants be threatened with relocation.
How many decades have we fought to tear down walls?
Yet, he wants to build another, twice as tall!
Her emails in question, are simply strategies of an election,
And for the record, 
there is nothing wrong with striving toward perfection.  
Maybe you could take a lesson!
The election draws near, so here's your last chance,
To stand with the woman with stamina and perseverance.
Who is ready to defend the down-trodden and the disabled,
For she has proven she's steady at the helm and more than able.
She has proven she'll fight for the voiceless, and the victims;
She will provide you with facts, and doesn't rely on fiction. 
Examine your conscience, and cast an anchor into the blue;
Our nation is bleeding, divided, and there is too much hate;
And it is because of this, I must advocate:
Never, ever believe that he can "make our country great".

 © Denise Goodwin, 10/16/16