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Thursday, February 25, 2016


You've heard the phrase that fact is stranger than fiction, and when it comes to the Victorian era, I think you will agree that this statement is accurate, particularly when it came to their choices in photographing people. 

Photography was actually invented around the year 1800.  Portrait photography came into vogue until around 1830, and with this new found procedure for capturing images, came an obsession to photograph just about everything.  Dead or alive, they took pictures of it....and, what ever they clicked, the creep factor always tipped the scales.

Long hair was rather matter-of-fact, as cutting the hair had not come into popularity. Though these images of loosed hair may be simply recorded examples of how long the hair grew, it was mostly worn braided (note the rippled effect in these images) or piled neatly on top of the head.

Original hippies?

Having your hair cut during that time, may have resulted in disasters, like these:

Experimentation with photo manipulation became popular, so naturally, one would want a photograph of holding one's own head, or the head of another - or appearing without a head all together! One thing is for sure, they had a sense of humor.  And as you can see, some photographers were more clever, than others....

Photography also became a way to share information such as the creation of wanted posters that were distributed to the public, and displayed the alleged criminals or fugitive's "mug". They were formally drawn, so to have an actual image of the individual was in any law-man's favor.  These became popular in the latter part of that era.  Here are a few examples of some of the more notorious wanted criminals:

Photo manipulation took on a whole new genre during the height of the Spiritualism Movement.  Again, some photographers were better than others in executing these interesting results.  And, I must say that some of these images are rather convincing! 

And finally, what blog post would be complete without people's bodies in animal heads?  ps... If you have seen Mad Dogs on Netflix, a couple of these images just might make your hair curl.

If you enjoyed these oddities in time, check out Hidden Mothers, on Vermont DeadLine, it is a must see!  

Image credits:  All images were found on Google Images and Pinterest.