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Sunday, November 1, 2015

LIQUID GOLD - Heady Topper



Vermont's own "Heady Topper" was voted the best beer in the world.  

"GoNewEngland" states, "according to the beer rating  It's worth the drive to Vermont just to taste this brew, which has received perfect "100" scores from both RateBeer and Beer Advocate."  

It is quite literally, the Holy Grail, of beer.  Here is a link which shows its rating on Beer Advocate:


Shortly before I quit drinking, about 3 years ago, I discovered Heady Topper and it was (is) absolutely, hands-down, the nirvana of all unfiltered beer.  

A beautiful golden-amber shade, it is a fragrant, delicious ambrosia from the beer gods.  

And yup, this world class brewski is produced right here in Vermont and it is a family run business.  

This double IPA is deeply steeped in an abundance of (six) hops which is complimented by an after taste of gentle waves of sweet and alluring citrus (grapefruit...ya, I said grapefruit), a hint of pine, some tropical fruit with just the right amount of malt. And, with a content of 8% alcohol, it packs a decent punch.  

Serious beer drinkers are wise enough to sip, taste and enjoy.  It's all about content and quality.  A glass of Heady Topper should be treated as if it contains gold. 

This beer is so freakin' popular, beverage shops, coops and markets even have to advertise on what days it is made, and when delivery will be made. 

People stand in line for delivery outside of stores and markets who sell this product, starting an hour or two before delivery is scheduled to be made.  No one is there for a measly four-pack. Most are there for a case or 24 cans.  What ever they can get their hands on!   And just like that! it is immediately sold out. 

Those selling the beer, have to calculate how much is being delivered and then advise the crowd that there is a cut off point, and the rest of you are out of luck, as it is typically sold out on the day it arrives.  

Those who have vacationed here in Vermont, and were turned on to Heady Topper,  reportedly drive back to Vermont from various states, just to get their hands - and mouths - on another case or two.   It's THAT good.... Out of this world....mind-blowing.... get the picture, eh?

Most stores do not reserve it for you, nor will they allow you to purchase more than one case at a time, due to its popular demand. 

To add insult to injury for those who are waiting for delivery, Heady Toppers are only sold in a four-pack, to the tune of around $14.00.   

Well worth every penny to any beer connoisseur. 

Heady Topper was originally introduced at a local brewpub, in 2003.  Cleverly named, the establishment was known as The Alchemist, and it was located in downtown Waterbury. John and Jen Kimmich are the owners. It was closed when Tropical Storm Irene blew through Vermont, in 2011, as it devastated downtown Waterbury.  

And before you ask, the brewery is currently NOT open to the public.

To prove my point about how good this liquid gold is, Heady topper has even hit the black market.  You can read about it, on stowetoday.com:


The history of how it all started can be found here.

When visiting Vermont and if you are driving, please be safe!  Should you decide to drink a Heady Topper or two, bring with you a designated driver, 
call a friend, or call a cab.  Be wise, don't drink and drive!

Peace and Love,  ~Denise

by © Denise Goodwin, All Rights Reserved, November 1, 2015