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Friday, January 2, 2015

STEAMPUNK Gadgets and Devices

This fascinating subculture was visited only once by Vermont DeadLine in my previous post entitled "And Now For Steampunk Completely Different".   It is a new year, and in my humble opinion, it is worth revisiting.  

These people have taken every day objects and reinvented them into fascinating, [mostly] useful devices and gadgets.  To me, the level of work put into creating what really is art, exemplifies Steampunk as a stand on its own genre.  

Thankfully, the exact recipe for creating anything Steampunk is one of constant improvisation.   Using elements such as silver, brass, and copper; and items such as clock gears, old bullet casings, rivets and cogs (just for a start) these artists take you into a fantasy world of their very own.  

What makes steampunk especially tantalizing is the preferred method of power IS steam.

Like what you see?  ALL of these images were found on Pinterest, so check it out for your self by signing on and typing "steampunk" into the subject line.  It's worth the trip!

Elaborate Writing Utensils

Pacman, anyone?

A cool way to keep a Journal

Wind up mouse toy

Re-invented Zippo

Send your kid with this cool back-pack?

Leather imbued with brass purse

For the beer drinkers

For the housewife or cook

Fantastic computer station, using an old desk and adding all computer components, Steampunk style This desk is complete with webcams, mouse, keyboard, 3 screens and I'm not sure what else....  All I can say is:  It's just cool.  Update (8/17/16):  This was reported to me to be an organ.  Now that I clearly see the brass pipes in the background, and the speakers on either side of this wonderful invention,    I stand corrected! 

This was entitled, affectionately, "Thing"  - wind 'im up!

Brass goggles

A regular hard-drive with a bit of Steampunk dressing...

I want this laptop.  Super cool case makes it a must have!

Jules Verne style Steampunk brass pocket watch

This little device is fabulous... it would be fun to do this with a Kindle or Notepad!

Call me, Baby

Old West meets an ornate Victorian friend

Apple like Steampunk, too

Though this person really needs to wash his hands, the lighter is interesting...

Copper coffee maker - Beautiful!

Yes, this is a computer mouse.  It kind of looks as if it could have been one of the finger pillories from the Victorian era, it won't hurt you.

For the time traveler and from a "parallel reality", I bring you The Chrono Displacement Device 

Steampunk trunk

Steampunk - way cool - camera

Victorianesque James Bond

And finally, I leave you with this... Your very own Plasmatic Spirit Harvester

From Vermont DeadLine